We’re tackling brain disorders with cutting-edge tools in a data-driven way.


We believe that the path to revolutionizing the pharmacological treatment options for 450 million neuropsychiatric patients worldwide is grounded in humankind’s emerging ability to solve grand challenges in medicine by integrating unprecedented levels of high-resolution biological data through the use of modern algorithmic techniques and 15-teraFLOP-per-chip computational horsepower.



Gain insight into our innovative strategy to identify neuropsychiatric drug targets and lead molecule candidates for therapeutic development.


Who We Are

The team we’re building at Empathic is composed of perceptive and tenacious scientists and engineers with orthogonal talents and a passion for transformational change in neuropsychiatric medicine.

We’re hiring

We’re looking for world-class folks to join our team. If you feel there’s a fit, we encourage you to get in touch.